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  • "Shopping along High Street"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 4)
    The former "parasite single" goes on shopping in the area where a massive redevelopment is taking place.
    (Page published 29 Sep 2002, last updated 1 Oct 2002)
  • A map of Birmingham's city centre
    [Photo 44] Date this bitmap is composed: 20 January 2002
    (Page published 28 Sep 2002)
  • Book on "Midland Metro"
    [Resource 39] Boynton, J., "Main Line to Metro", Mid England Books (2001)
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • "Midland Metro"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 3)
    In reality, the only "tram" in Birmingham was suburban railway in all but name and safety features...
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • metroPlanet Web site
    [Resource 38] metroPlanet Web site
    (Page published 25 Sep 2002)

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