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Zammai Terms & Conditions
Page first written 24 July 1999
Last updated 25 November 2002

About "RT Zammai" contents

This page contains copyright notice and other tips applicable for all contents under the URI http://www.takagi-ryo.ac/. Where otherwise stated, these statement(s) will supersede any of the conditions described hereunder for the particular content(s) specified in the statement(s).

  1. (Copyright)
    All contents (including texts, photographs, computer programs, etc.) under above mentioned URL are copyright (C) Ryo TAKAGI. The rights are protected under applicable laws of the countries concerned and/or international treaties.
  2. (Prohibiting of unauthorised reproduction)
    Permission by the author, Ryo TAKAGI, is necessary to reproduce any of the contents under above mentioned URL, unless otherwise written explicitly on the page(s) concerned or permitted by law. Please note that "unauthorized reproduction" is different from "the citation permitted under conditions specified in the copyright law".
  3. (Condition of linking, etc.)
    No permission is necessary when you want to put a link to any of the contents under above mentioned URL or to introduce the URL of it on any forms of publications including books and printed magazines. However, when you prepare a link to the contents of "RT Zammai", it is requested to make clear that it is the link. The examples of unclear linking are (1) the use of "<IMG>" tag of HTML to use the image contents of RT Zammai as part of your page, and (2) the use of any contents of "RT Zammai" displayed in one of the "frame" windows divided by an invisible dividing line. Also, please note that the unauthorized reproduction (not citation) of contents, however limited in amount, together with the link to or the introduction of the URL concerned, is still prohibited. Also note that the URL is subject to change without notice. Therefore, the author will recommend you to put the date you have actually made access together with the URL you are going to introduce. Another recommendation is to avoid linking to image contents; instead, use a link to the text contents describing the particular image. Yet another recommendation is to use the URL that is as "near" to the top page as possible, because the change of URL is expected to be less frequent.
  4. (Notice to the author before or after the linking, etc., is done)
    Although not obligatory, the author appreciate notice from you either before or after such a link, introduction or citation is done, for the author would like to find what is said about the content(s) for their future references or revisions.
  5. (Disclaimer)
    The author provides all the contents with the wish that they are correct and helpful for you in any sense. However, they are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, and that if you decide to do any action(s) based on the information provided herein, the entire risk is with you.
  6. (Modification of a content when error or inproperness exists)
    If there is any error or improperness in the contents provided herein, the author is always ready to make any reasonable changes to them at the earliest possibility. When this is the case, make your first contact with me by e-mail.
  7. (Privacy policy)
    The information gathered through maintaining the "RT Zammai" site, such as access records, will never be disclosed to any third parties, unless it is legally requested with reasonable grounds or it is necessary in helping criminal investigation.

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