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Properly displaying photos
Page first written 24 May 2003
Last updated 24 May 2003

When photographs are not properly displayed

How to use "RT Zammai"

Recently, all the new images in the "RT Zammai" web site are registered to a database. This made it possible for us to counter cases in which <img> HTML tags are used to link directly to the image files, although such usages of the web site's contents are explicitly prohibited by the statement in the terms and conditions. The countermeasure makes use of the HTTP_REFERER information which is sent from the browsers (PCs) to the server, and when the information is not proper, the server will not allow "larger photos" to be displayed, and while smaller photos can be seen, the copyright information is to be superimposed onto the image.

However, the security software such as Norton Internet Security, which are becoming increasingly widely used, will not allow HTTP_REFERER to be sent back to the server.

In order to display clear image, I would like all the readers who are using one of these security software to set the option so that HTTP_REFERER is sent back to our server.

The way to do it depends on the software; the example of Norton Internet Security 2003 (Japanese edition -- English edition might have different words on the screen) is shown below.

  1. From "Start" menu, select "Norton Internet Security" group, and click "Norton Internet Security". (Same thing can be done by clicking on the indicator icon in the task bar)
  2. Click "Option (O)" - "Internet Security (I)".
  3. Click on the "Web contents" tab.
  4. Click "Add site" button and add the site www.takagi-ryo.ac.
  5. See the global configuration for the site www.takagi-ryo.ac, and locate the item "information on previously shown sites". Remove check from the checkbox for the item, and click "permit" button.
  6. Click "OK".

By following this procedure, you can remove copyright notice from the image, and display larger images.

Click here when the copyright notice appears on the images.
TAKAGI, Ryo webmaster@takagi-ryo.ac
(c) R. Takagi 2003. All rights reserved.