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Page first written 12 October 2003
Last updated 12 October 2003

Class 221 Diesel multiple unit "Super Voyager" at Banbury Station

Class 221 Diesel multiple unit

Photograph taken on: 10 November 2002. (Larger image)

Class 221 "Super Voyager", the newest electric Diesel multiple unit of Virgin Trains, dwelling at Banbury station. There are Class 220 "Voyager" sets, which share the same exterior design as the Super Voyagers; the difference is that Super Voyagers come with tilting mechanisms, giving them the ability of faster runs on the West Coast Main Line after the upgrade of the line is complete. Fitted with 750 BHP engine, the maximum speed of Super Voyagers is 125mph (201km/h). Although extremely heavy (up to 60 tonnes / car) because of the tilting mechanisms and the acceleration at the highest speed range is next to nothing, the acceleration upon startup is very high.

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