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Birmingham Info
Page first written 27 August 2001
Last updated 8 August 2011

Birmingham Information Page

Engine Arm Aqueduct
Engine Arm Aqueduct, Smethwick


The webmaster have left Japan on 29 June 2001 and been settled in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This page is intended to guide you through the contents that are related to Birmingham, scattered in my site.


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  • Digital Camera Report from Birmingham
    The list of articles serialised in the magazine "Rolling Stock and Technology".
    (Page published 20 Aug 2001, last updated 12 Oct 2003)
  • My private tourists' guide to Birmingham
    This document was prepared for colleagues of JRGS (Japanese Researchers' and Graduate students' Society), yet another Japanese expatriates' society here in the UK. Well, I will publish this document in the hope that the City wins the "Capital of Culture" bid.
    (Page published 19 May 2003, last updated 5 Jun 2003)
  • Union Jack at half mast
    [Photo 240] Date this photo is taken: 16 September 2001
    (Page published 21 Sep 2001, last updated 29 May 2003)


Various essays


Settling in Birmingham

Serial article "Digital Camera Report from Birmingham"

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