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  • DTLR's statistics web page
    [Resource 73] Transport Statistics, DTLR Web page
    (Page published 5 Oct 2002)
  • "Until the next election"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 5)
    "Until the next election" -- the words that are frequently used by the ministers of this government led by Tony Blair and the Labour Party. Fair enough. But, are they really confident?
    (Page published 5 Oct 2002)
  • DTLR building
    [Photo 61] Date this photo is taken: 9 February 2002
    (Page published 2 Oct 2002)
  • LRTA (Light Rail Transit Association)
    [Resource 52] LRTA (Light Rail Transit Association) Web page
    (Page published 29 Sep 2002)

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