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  • Repeat orders of Series 78   (Tobu's Series 5000 memo)
    The repeat orders of Series 78 continues. However, by 1960, the fleet was already desperately old and obsolete.
    (Page published 21 Oct 2003)
  • Introduction of Series 7330   (Tobu's Series 5000 memo)
    In 1953, Tobu introduces 7330, the first commuting cars newly built by private railways in Japan that came with 20-metre car body. The design, however, was with only minor modifications to Series 73.
    (Page published 20 Aug 2003)
  • "Ration" of National Railway's Series 63 emus to private railways   (Tobu's Series 5000 memo)
    The pre-history of Series 78, predecessor of Series 5000 -- Series 63 emus that the Ministry of Transport "rationed" the private railway companies in the period of postwar chaos.
    (Page published 27 Jun 2003)
  • Nose-suspension drives   (Tobu's Series 5000 memo)
    The focus of interest towards Tobu's Series 5000 -- nose suspension drives, with technical explanation.
    (Page published 18 Jun 2003)
  • Tobu Railway Series 5000 emus -- a memorandum
    Tobu Railway's Series 5000 emus, now reaching the end of life. The page is dedicated to them, written in the UK some 10,000 miles away, without a photograph.
    (Page published 18 Jun 2003, last updated 21 Oct 2003)

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