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About "RT Zammai"

  • The site is maintained by Dr Ryo Takagi. The pages introducing the author is ... coming soon.
  • The Japanese word "zammai" (三昧) means the condition of being "immersed" in something. The word is frequently used, for example, when you enjoy plenty of food of good quality (e.g. fish zammai ). The name of the site, "RT Zammai", comes from the fact that all contents of the site is written by Ryo Takagi (initial = RT). Cannot guarantee the quality nor the quantity, though...
  • The main themes are on railways, bridges and anything that emerges in the author's mind.
  • The track records suggest that the update of the site can stop for years. I do try not to let it happen again; however, it is exactly what I posted when I prepared a WordPress-powered site in 2007!
  • Unless otherwise stated, trackbacks and comments are not accepted.
  • You can reach the author by e-mailing to: webmaster atmark takagi minus ryo dot ac (replace atmark, minus and dot appropriately and you will get a reachable address).
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