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Page first written 31 December 2000
Last updated 4 November 2002

Yokoshita-bashi (Yokoshita Bridge) -- in the original landscape of a bridge lover

"Visiting bridges" special


Yokoshita Bridge is a small bridge over Futawa River, which would probably better be called a brook rather than a river. The bridge, with no special features of any kind at all, has seen the growth of myself, the town and the people of the area. Upon the turn of the century, this essay is dedicated to the small memory of the time in which I was brought up.

Yokoshita Bridge
(1) Yokoshita-bashi.
Yokoshita Bridge, towards the left bank of the river
(2) Yokoshita-bashi. Towards the left bank of the river.
The inscription on Yokoshita Bridge
(3) Inscription on the Yokoshita-bashi.
Futawa River - a recent photograph
(4) Futawa River.
Yokoshita Reservoir
(5) Yokoshita Reservoir.
Yokoshita Reservoir's installations with the sign
(6) Pumping installation for the Reservoir.
Another reservoir upstream the Futawa River
(7) Another reservoir, about 2km upstream.
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