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Page first written 7 February 1999
Last updated 10 February 2003

Hamamatsucho Station Footbridge

"Visiting bridges"


If you travel south from Tokyo (Central) Station, you can see a good-looking bridge at Hamamatsucho Station. The brige received Tanaka Prize in 1985 from JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers). For photos and text, please see Japanese.

Hamamatsucho Station Overbridge: data

  1. Name in Japanese: Hamamatsucho Eki Konai Kosen Jindo Kyo (Hamamatsucho Station Footbridge)
  2. Goes over: Hamamatsucho Station, Tokaido Line, JR East
  3. Bridge length: 64.8m

Quoted from:

  • JSCE ed.: "Bridges -- Tanaka Prize" (in Japanese), Kashima Shuppankai, Tokyo, Japan (1999).
    ISBN 4-306-02333-8

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