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[Resource] Yahoo! J 30/10/02
Page first written 8 November 2002
Last updated 8 November 2002

Tokaido Shinkansen ATC fails to stop the train

ATC (Automatic Train Control) equipped on the newest Series 700 emus for Tokaido Shinkansen failed to apply brake, the article reports. In the normal train operations, Japanese Shinkansen system totally relies on ATC system for application of brake, which means this sort of incident should be treated as extremely serious in terms of safety. The incident is quite similar to what happened in the New Tram AGT system in Osaka, which collided into a buffer about 10 years ago. The major difference is that this Shinkansen incident was quickly identified and properly dealt with by the human train driver, a multi-functional and ultimately intelligent sensor! Later reports suggest that the cause has been identified and I am not especially concerned now. However, it would be desirable if JR Central, the operator, discloses the detail just like Tokyu did in their document on Tana Substation fire accident in July 2001. Can we expect this level of disclosure out of JR Central? I wish they do, although there seems to be no information on this incident on their web site right now...

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