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Page first written 13 November 2002
Last updated 2 December 2002

Aichi Kosoku Kotsu Web page

Tobu Kyuryo (Eastern Hills) Line, the expected first HSST monorail system due to open in 2005, will be run by this company. On 12 November 2002 the company unveiled the nickname "Linimo" and the car design. I do like the design.

For Tobu Kyuryo Line this must be fine; however, for future applications, what I do hope is the development of "vehicle-led points", the mechanism in which the vehicle decides the direction to go at the point where the route diverges into two. If "vehicle-led" is too difficult, at least the turnout mechanism should be redesigned so that it is as smart and simple as the conventional railways. The one we can see on the experiment site is too outstanding.

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