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[Resource] BBC 27/10/03
Page first written 31 October 2003
Last updated 31 October 2003

Mobile handsets with "FeliCa" smart card function

Even the BBC reported this very important development here in the UK; you can also find more in-depth articles in IT news sites such as ZDNet and Impress (the latter if you can read Japanese). If this becomes widespread, the proposals I have made as part of the IPASS concept will be made easy. The impact will not be limited to transport services -- it will revolutionise the way of life. However, when it realises, I believe there should be more than one "service providers" providing services such as Suica of JR East. I am quite sure that that will be the power to introduce real competition which will improve rail services in Japan, which are now very inflexible, probably because of the vertical integration which comes with regional monopoly.

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