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[Resource] BBC 19/10/03
Page first written 20 October 2003
Last updated 20 October 2003

Two London Underground trains derail within 48 hours

On Friday, 17th, a Picadilly Line train derailed when it was running between Hammersmith and Baron's Court stations. Only the last bogie of the train came off the track. No one was hurt.

I was about to create a link to this news when I knew that another derailment took place. This time it was on Sunday 19th; a Northern Line train derailed at Camden Town station, injuring seven passengers.

In both cases, the faults on the tracks are being blamed.

Compared to Baron's Court, Camden Town has much more complex track layout, which means "track faults" can be technically completely different. Nevertheless, this series of accidents will surely raise doubts over the infamous PPP scheme. The words of Mr Ken Livingstone -- "PPP will jeopardise Tube safety" -- will come back to the front pages of the newspapers again.

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