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Page first written 6 November 2003
Last updated 6 November 2003

The Wychbury Obelisk

Obelisk on Wychbury Hill, Hagley

Wychbury Hill is in the middle of the wide agricultural area which spreads near the town of Hagley. This website contains information on the Obelisk on top of it.

In 1943, a group of children found a body of a young woman in the woods near the Obelisk. Nicknamed Bella, her real identity has never been revealed; Then came those graffitis, saying "Who put Bella in the wych elm?", appearing all around the region -- one of them can even be seen on the surface of the Obelisk itself! Although without concrete evidence, it is now widely believed that Bella actually was a spy from Germany.

The Wychbury Obelisk -- the close-up view

This website is being maintained by the local people. Some of the children that actually found Bella are, according to the contents, the fathers of the friends of the webmasters! This fact adds to the sense of affection that the webmasters feel towards the area in which they live, which you can enjoy when you read through the pages.

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