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  • "The museums of railways"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 10)
    Apparently one of the outstanding features of British rail culture is the extensive activity of preservation, that can be experienced when you take ride on any of the preserved railways or trains, or when you visit one of the railway museums. Absolutely superb!
    (Page published 21 May 2003)
  • "Shakespeare Express", waiting for departure at Stratford-upon-Avon Station
    [Photo 231] Date this photo is taken: 8 September 2002
    (Page published 20 May 2003)
  • "The Portals to Birmingham"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 7)
    With its portals centreing around New Street Station, is Birmingham to compete with London? Well, National Football Stadium bid was a failure, though...
    (Page published 24 Nov 2002, last updated 17 Feb 2003)
  • 'King Edward I' awaiting departure at Birmingham Snow Hill Station
    [Photo 81] Date this photo is taken: 6 October 2002
    (Page published 8 Oct 2002, last updated 20 May 2003)
  • Book on "Midland Metro"
    [Resource 39] Boynton, J., "Main Line to Metro", Mid England Books (2001)
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • "Midland Metro"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 3)
    In reality, the only "tram" in Birmingham was suburban railway in all but name and safety features...
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • Priestfield Halt, Midland Metro
    [Photo 32] Date this photo is taken: 9 September 2001
    (Page published 25 Sep 2002, last updated 28 Sep 2002)

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