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[Resource] JR East 28/10/02
Page first written 30 October 2002
Last updated 8 November 2002

Suica's yet another fare collection mistake

Some sort of hardware trouble made a particular ticket gate machine in Shinjuku Station deduct fares from Suica commuting pass that should not be deducted, and the issuer JR East is posting an apology. The last trouble was because of some sort of the bug in the software; the details of the hardware trouble that caused this newest error is unclear. Last time it seemed to be that only Suica io-cards (the type of Suica IC cards with only pre-payment card functionality so that a passenger can use it anonymously) were affected, whereas this time it seems to be that only Suica commuting passes are affected. Individual notices will be sent by post to the users because the card holders can be identified.

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