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[Resource] JR East 18/10/02 Apology
Page first written 19 October 2002
Last updated 19 October 2002

Erroneous double fare collection found in Suica system

The apology by JR East, who admitted that they double-collected fares from Suica contactless IC cards at Ogikubo, Ryogoku and Shin-koiwa stations due to the program errors in the ticket gate systems. Interestingly, they have identified the ID numbers of all the cards in charge, which would have been difficult for the magnetic cards (although the same incident, caused by the irregular handling of the contactless card by the passenger who brought the card near to the card reader/writer more than once, is very unlikely to happen if he/she is using the magnetic card). The ID numbers displayed here are only those of "Suica IO cards" in charge; for the other type of Suica (Suica commuting pass) the card holders can be identified individually, which means a direct correspondence would have been sent to every one of them. Well... do you think that this is something "good" about Suica?

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