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Page first written 14 February 1999
Last updated 17 May 2003

"Kayoibashi" in Ohara, Kyoto, and "Doh-bashi" in Minami-dawara, Nara

"Visiting bridges"


I made a visit to two bridges in Kyoto and Nara Prefectures in Japan in December 1993. These bridges were listed in a famous book, "Hashi to Nihon-jin" (Bridges and the Japanese people), written by Prof Atsushi Ueda.

I went to Ohara, a suburb of the city of Kyoto where the famous Sanzen-in Temple stands. It was very early in the morning and frost was on the surface of the wooden "Kayoi-bashi" bridge. Without visiting Sanzen-in, I returned to the centre of the city and took a train down to Nara. Minami-dawara, where the "Doh-bashi" bridge is located, is in the outskirts of the city of Nara, but because there is no tourists' attractions around only the local residents would visit the area.

For photos please see the Japanese page.

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