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[Resource] Yahoo! 27/2/03
Page first written 5 March 2003
Last updated 13 March 2003

Toyama-ko and Kibi Lines to be converted to light rail transit?

JR West reveals their plan to convert two of their narrow gauge lines, Toyama-ko Line in Toyama Prefecture and Kibi Line in Okayama Prefecture, to LRT (light rail transit) systems, the report says.

I believe it is a good news for Japanese light rail systems because I had a long belief that the commitment of existing railway companies like JR West will boost the spread of light rail systems in Japan. However, there are some aspects in the reports that puzzle me. One example is the reports saying that the exclusive right-of-way of these lines will be converted to mixed traffic by paving the track to let private automobiles go on it. Also the fundamental question exists on whether Kibi Line is suitable for such conversion (I believe Toyama-ko Line is a very good example).

Anyway I would like to see more good news that follow this.

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