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Page first written 2 April 2000
Last updated 8 August 2011

Inuyama Bridge (before separation of rail and road)

"Visiting bridges"


This page contains photos of Inuyama Bridge that links Inuyama City in Aichi Prefecture and Kagamihara City in Gifu Prefecture. The bridge goes over the Kiso River. Until 28 March this year the bridge was for mixed traffic of rail and road, and it is separated since then. In Japan, "railways" should have their right of way except for the level crossing, and the Inuyama Bridge had been an only exception to the rule. The bridge itself is a simple three span Warren truss bridge.

Standing nearby is one of Japanese National Treasure, the Inuyama Castle. The bird's eye view photos were taken from the castle, locating on top of the hill.

  • For pictures, please see Japanese page.

Rhein O-hashi Bridge of Kiso River

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