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Independent, 17/9/02
Page first written 23 September 2002
Last updated 25 September 2002

Returned "MOX" nuclear fuel arrives in Britain

  • Back in Britain: the nuclear waste rejected by the rest of the world, The Independent, 17 September 2002, p. 1.

The uranium and plutonium Mox (mixed oxide) nuclear fuels, which was returned from Japan after it was revealed that BNFL (British Nuclear Fuel Ltd.) has falsified the safety records upon manufacturing, returned to Britain amid protests by Greenpeace "as usual", this article reports. On re-processing of used nuclear fuel, the recent allegations in Japan that TEPCO and other Japanese utility companies has "hidden" the troubles of their nuclear plants now made the use of Mox fuel in Japanese plants very difficult, but the article makes no reference to this development which I think is apparently inadequate. However, I admit there are many that should be agreed in the leader comments on page 16 of the same issue, with the title "In an age of global terror, the nuclear industry is unsafe -- at any price".

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