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[Resource] Mainichi Int 3/7/03
Page first written 4 July 2003
Last updated 4 July 2003

Amarube Viaduct to be replaced by a new prestressed concrete bridge?

A surprising news that came with this article was that Amarube Viaduct in Hyogo, Japan, which carries San'in Main Line of JR West over the town of Amarube on the Japan Sea coast, was set to be demolished and replaced by a new prestressed concrete bridge.

The viaduct has high steel trestles, and is very famous as a major landmark of the region as well as an industrial heritage. The reasons for the demolition and replacement were reporetedly to ensure punctual operation of trains and to reduce maintenance costs.

Being in a rather "preservation-crazy" Britain, this news sounds very strange. In fact, maintaining and enhancing attractiveness of Japan itself is absolutely necessary to foster tourism as a major national industry, which will also enhance the joy of living in this country. Then, what do they think is the resource of attractiveness, when they demolish this viaduct on the grounds only on ease of maintenance?

Japan can never be the same as Britain, whatever it does. However, this ignorance on national heritage will surely lead to sad disaster.

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