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BBC Online 12/9/02
Page first written 13 September 2002
Last updated 13 September 2002

UK railways' punctuality improved slightly

The punctuality of UK railways (rate of trains arriving on time - less than 5 minutes of delays) slightly improved to some 83% in the second quarter of year 2002 (2% more than the previous quarter), the report says. However, little improvements in the long distance services are seen. In addition, this figure for the second quarter is normally much better than the winter value, which means it should be treated with care. SRA (Strategic Rail Authority) officials commented that this is still worse than "pre-Hatfield" condition.

The statistics of the train delays can be separately available for every TOCs (Train Operating Companies). Virgin CrossCountry, who operate trains through rather complicated routes, always come to the bottom of the table. So was this time, with punctuality ratio of only 68.5%.

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