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[Resource] JR Central 27/6/03
Page first written 27 June 2003
Last updated 27 June 2003

New Shinkansen emus of JR Central and JR West

The new fleet, which will succeed the current fleet of Series 700 emus, will be capable of 300km/h and will come with the tilting controls (a simplified version, though, with the tilting angle of only one degree), reducing the journey time between Tokyo and Osaka by five minutes. The nose shape that resembles the eagle's beak, and all cars fitted with "semi-active suspension" will be other features worth noting.

Well, good news -- although not necessarily so from the point of view of the tracks, constructed years ago.

I hope our Prime Minister will address the launch of the new high speed rail system between the two major cities -- in his popular screaming voice.

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