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  • "The Portals to Birmingham"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 7)
    With its portals centreing around New Street Station, is Birmingham to compete with London? Well, National Football Stadium bid was a failure, though...
    (Page published 24 Nov 2002, last updated 17 Feb 2003)
  • Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH web page
    [Resource 134] DCC - Doppelmayr CABLE Car, web page
    (Page published 22 Nov 2002)
  • "Scaring double-deck buses"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 6)
    The double-deck buses - a British speciality - is scaring and difficult. Nevertheless, this is an inevitable mode of transport if you are to live in Birmingham.
    (Page published 25 Oct 2002)
  • Is transport improvement an obstacle to urban regeneration?
    [Resource 89] Road and rail plans may hit renaissance of city, The Birmingham Post, October 14 2002, p. 4
    (Page published 17 Oct 2002)
  • "Until the next election"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 5)
    "Until the next election" -- the words that are frequently used by the ministers of this government led by Tony Blair and the Labour Party. Fair enough. But, are they really confident?
    (Page published 5 Oct 2002)
  • 140mph (225km/h): Is it but a dream?
    [Resource 69] Trains will never run at 140mph, Virgin admits, The Birmingham Post, October 2, 2002, p. 1
    (Page published 3 Oct 2002)
  • Benoy's Web page
    [Resource 57] Benoy's Web page
    (Page published 1 Oct 2002)
  • Press release by Benoy on Birmingham Bull Ring
    [Resource 56] Birmingham Bull Ring, Benoy Press Release
    (Page published 1 Oct 2002)
  • Bull Ring's Home page
    [Resource 53] Bull Ring Birmingham Web page
    (Page published 29 Sep 2002)
  • "Shopping along High Street"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 4)
    The former "parasite single" goes on shopping in the area where a massive redevelopment is taking place.
    (Page published 29 Sep 2002, last updated 1 Oct 2002)
  • Rail and Tech Publishing Ltd. Web page
    [Resource 40] Rail and Tech Publishing Ltd. Web page
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • Book on "Midland Metro"
    [Resource 39] Boynton, J., "Main Line to Metro", Mid England Books (2001)
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • "Midland Metro"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 3)
    In reality, the only "tram" in Birmingham was suburban railway in all but name and safety features...
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • Centro's Web page
    [Resource 35] Getting around the West Midlands (Centro Web page)
    (Page published 25 Sep 2002)
  • Earthquake in UK
    [Resource 27] Earthquake hits UK, BBC News Online 23/9/02
    (Page published 23 Sep 2002)
  • "LTP 2002": Local Transport Plan around Birmingham
    [Resource 25] Travel strategy branded disgrace, The Birmingham Post, September 19, 2002, p. 1
    (Page published 23 Sep 2002)

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