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Page first written 15 September 1999
Last updated 16 March 2003

Momosuke Bridge (Momosuke-bashi) in Nagiso, Rakan-bashi in Hokoji Temple and Kiso-no-kakehashi

"Visiting bridges"


The author enjoyed a drive on 12 June 1999 to Shiojiri, in the centre of Honshu Island of Japan. The normal route from Tokyo to Shiojiri is through Chuo Expressway; however, this time the author went on Tomei Expressway and visited Hamamatsu. The intention was to visit Hoko-ji Temple in Hamamatsu and Momosuke Bridge in Nagiso. This page introduces Momosuke Bridge, the suspension bridge with wooden stiffening truss and constructed with the leadership of Momosuke Fukuzawa, Japanese electricity magnate, when he was working on Yomikaki Power Station along the River Kiso.

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