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Page first written 25 April 1999
Last updated 10 February 2003

Egasaki Overbridge

"Visitng bridges"


The two main truss structures of Egasaki Overbridge, in Yokohama, Japan, were first used on the Joban Line where it crossed Sumida River in Tokyo. After they became out of use, they were re-used here at Egasaki when Shin-Tsurumi Yard was constructed. While all other overbridges made use of single-track trusses, Egasaki Overbridge used the double-track one, which is the main reason why the bridge survived until now.

However, the structure clearly shows that it is nearing its end of life. Fortunately, the re-development of the land that became out of use after the closure of the yard is not showing good progress. Therefore, I do hope that the area becomes a park, in which Egasaki Overbridge stands as a major landmark.

Egasaki Overbridge: data

  1. Name in Japanese: Egasaki Kosen Doro-kyo (Egasaki Road Overbridge)
  2. Opened: 1929
  3. Goes over: Shin-tsurumi Signal Station, Tokaido Freight Line, JR East
  4. Bridge length: 178.7m
  5. Bridge width: 5.5m
  6. Spans and length: (1) 2 x 62.7m, (2) 1 x 30.18m, (3) 1 x 15.68m
  7. Bridge type: (1) through Pratt truss, (2) pony Warren truss, (3) through plate girder

Quoted from:

  • Naruse ed.: "Iron Bridges 100 -- Landmarks of modern Japan" (in Japanese), Tokyo-do Shuppan, Tokyo, Japan (1994).
    ISBN 4-490-20250-4

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