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  • Two London Underground trains derail within 48 hours
    [Resource 329] Second Tube train derailed, BBC News Online 19/10/2003
    (Page published 20 Oct 2003)
  • "Cool the Tube!" -- the funny ideas
    [Resource 285] Your ideas to cool the Tube (and win £100k), BBC News Online 23/7/03.
    (Page published 23 Jul 2003)
  • Nose-suspension drives   (Tobu's Series 5000 memo)
    The focus of interest towards Tobu's Series 5000 -- nose suspension drives, with technical explanation.
    (Page published 18 Jun 2003)
  • The web site of London Transport Museum
    [Resource 233] London's Transport Museum (Home Page)
    (Page published 21 May 2003)
  • "The museums of railways"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 10)
    Apparently one of the outstanding features of British rail culture is the extensive activity of preservation, that can be experienced when you take ride on any of the preserved railways or trains, or when you visit one of the railway museums. Absolutely superb!
    (Page published 21 May 2003)
  • The displays at London Transport Museum
    [Photo 208] Date this photo is taken: 26 August 2002
    (Page published 13 May 2003)
  • Derailment in London Underground
    [Resource 158] Tube shutdown prolongs commuter chaos, BBC online 28/1/03
    (Page published 31 Jan 2003)
  • "Midland Metro"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 3)
    In reality, the only "tram" in Birmingham was suburban railway in all but name and safety features...
    (Page published 26 Sep 2002)
  • London Underground Web site
    [Resource 36] thetube.com (London Underground Web site)
    (Page published 25 Sep 2002)
  • "The bankruptcy of Railtrack and a week's mass media reports"   (Digital Camera Report from Birmingham No. 2 Addendum)
    Suddenly, the rail infrastructure company Railtrack went bankrupt. Here are the summaries of the reports the week after.
    (Page published 20 Oct 2001, last updated 26 Sep 2002)

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