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"RT Zammai!" Past articles

  • Chosei Bridge of Nagaoka, Japan
    [Photo 148] Date this photo is taken: 9 August 1997
    (Page published 12 Dec 1999, last updated 29 Nov 2002)
  • "First Level Crossing Shopping Area"   (Zammai Coverstory No. 12)
    A Japanese High Street derived its name from the railway level crossing. I sincerely wish every success of the local people there, although the circumstance is far from easy.
    (Page published 12 Dec 1999, last updated 5 Oct 2002)
  • Making a chopper controller circuit   (Zammai Coverstory No. 10)
    Making a chopper controller circuit as a demonstration for children. Encouraging youngsters to be involved in science requires patient efforts.
    (Page published 14 Nov 1999, last updated 4 Oct 2002)
  • Tokyo Wan Aqualine under construction   ("Visiting bridges")
    "Rare" photos of Tokyo Wan Aqualine during construction, taken from on board a ship.
    (Page published 7 Nov 1999, last updated 14 May 2003)
  • Palace of Science and Culture, Warsaw
    [Photo 301] Date this photo is taken: 2 October 1995
    (Page published 17 Oct 1999, last updated 29 Aug 2003)
  • Japanese technology sector in danger of losing its superiority   (Zammai Coverstory No. 7)
    The technical lead that Japan is said to have is already threatened by other countries. It is irresponsible to talk of things based on optimistic views that Japan still retains its position.
    (Page published 11 Oct 1999, last updated 3 Oct 2002)
  • Good-bye, Series 0. Then, where is the next era?   (Zammai Coverstory No. 6)
    Shinkansen fleet "Series 0" is withdrawn from Tokaido Shinkansen. However, Tokaido Shinkansen is still "the star". Is this not a problem at all?
    (Page published 20 Sep 1999, last updated 2 Oct 2002)
  • Momosuke Bridge (Momosuke-bashi) in Nagiso, Rakan-bashi in Hokoji Temple and Kiso-no-kakehashi   ("Visiting bridges")
    I drove my car to visit Hokoji Temple in Hamamatsu, Momosuke Bridge in Nagiso and Kiso-no-kakehashi. The document is mainly on Momosuke Bridge, which is the result of the research of Momosuke Fukuzawa, Japanese "King of Electricity".
    (Page published 15 Sep 1999, last updated 16 Mar 2003)
  • Ise Ohashi Bridge, Route 1, Japan
    [Photo 147] Date this photo is taken: 6 August 1999
    (Page published 15 Aug 1999, last updated 29 Nov 2002)
  • Bridge Zammai Top page
    The top page of Bridge Zammai, with contents related to bridges, hopefully around the world.
    (Page published 24 Jul 1999, last updated 3 Sep 2003)
  • RT, 1 year old
    [Photo 75] Date this photo is taken: c. 1968
    (Page published 24 Jul 1999, last updated 5 Oct 2002)
  • About "RT Zammai" contents
    A description on copyright, link conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.
    (Page published 24 Jul 1999, last updated 25 Nov 2002)
  • RT Zammai! Top page
    The top page of RT Zammai.
    (Page published 24 Jul 1999, last updated 7 Nov 2006)
  • Egasaki Overbridge   ("Visitng bridges")
    An old railway truss, used to carry a road over Shin-Tsurumi Yard, which has been out of use for more than 10 years.
    (Page published 25 Apr 1999, last updated 10 Feb 2003)
  • "Kayoibashi" in Ohara, Kyoto, and "Doh-bashi" in Minami-dawara, Nara   ("Visiting bridges")
    Small bridges in Kyoto and Nara, where I visited just before my conference presentation in December 1993.
    (Page published 14 Feb 1999, last updated 17 May 2003)
  • Hamamatsucho Station Footbridge   ("Visiting bridges")
    Near the bridges lies a plaque of "Tanaka Prize", given by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers to the outstanding work of the year. The bridge, using paintless brown steel and the rigid frame structure, does look attractive.
    (Page published 7 Feb 1999, last updated 10 Feb 2003)

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